Engines consist of many moving parts and these parts must be lubricated properly to avoid damage. Motor oil provides this vital function. Over time, oil breaks down adn beocmes polluted with engine and environment dust, dirt, and debris. Oil can n ot do its job properly when this happens.

Recent studies show that 22% of vehicles have low or dirty engine oil. Proactively changing the oil and filter of a vehicle will help the engine to continue working at its best and prevent expensive repairs for drivers. Car care professionals at Lake Elsinore CDJR share the top five reasons for oil and filter changes.

  • Maintains engine lubrication. Imagine, pistons, valves and other motor parts moving under a car hood at high speeds. These components create heat and dramatically wear the engine without adequate oil lubrication. Please refer to the owner’s manual to see what specific weight and level of oil the vehicle requires.

  • Cools engine components. Moving parts that lack proper lubrication create friction and heat. Maintaining clean and sufficient oil quantities is the perfect solution for preventing too much friction and engine overheating.

  • Removes engine wear particles and sludge. Dirt particles are deadly to an engine. Dirt can cause corrosion over time and reduce a engine’s life. Even as time goes on, the oil breaks down and turns into “sludge.“ Routine oil and filter changes help to remove particles and sludge and keep engines in top running condition.

  • Improves gas mileage. Poor engine lubrication may lead to increased fuel consumption, so make sure that the engine has sufficient clean oil. The U.S. Department of Energy states that gas mileage can be improved by 1- 2 percent over time with routine changes and the right type of oil. That doesn’t sound like a lot of improvement, but the average car saves a whole gallon of gas a year!

  • Promotes vehicle longevity. Routine maintenance makes your vehicle last longer. Buildup from dirty oil robs the fuel economy and power of the vehicle and makes internal components work harder. A engine that works too hard will end up with more road problems and shorter life span. According to Kelley Blue Book, the valuation of the car increases at resale time when regular maintenance has been maintained.

There are four general motor oil types:


Full synthetic oil is ideal for vehicles requiring peak performance and high lubricating standards. Full synthetic oil provides increased viscosity, oxidation resistance and thermal breakdown and helps fight oil sludge. It also helps to improve fuel efficiency and can even increase the horsepower of a vehicle by reducing the engine drag.

Since synthetic motor oil can cost two to four times more than regular oil, talk to your technician about the right oil for your car. If you live in a climate with super cold winters or hot summers or use your vehicle towing or transport, synthetic oil may be the best type of oil for your vehicle. Older engines could also benefit from synthetic oil as it can help prevent the build- up of harmful sludge that some older engines seem prone to.


Synthetic blends provide the best in both worlds. It has many full synthetic oil characteristics, but at a much lower price. This type of oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils and certain additives for extra oxidation resistance and excellent low temperature properties. Synthetic blends make it easy for drivers to switch from conventional to synthetic oil, which is why this type of oil becomes more popular among today’s drivers. It is also a great middle ground for drivers who want the added protection and performance of a synthetic oil, but may not be ready to pay the bill for a full synthetic oil change.


Conventional oil is the oil type most commonly used. It is ideal for light-duty, late-model cars with low to average mileage and a simple engine design.


High mileage oil is specifically designed for vehicles over 75,000 miles. This type of oil can help reduce oil consumption, minimize leaks and also reduce smoke and emissions from older engines.

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